Real Estate Market Statistics

Burlington Real Estate Market Statistics for August 2020

Burlington Real Estate Market Statistics

The Burlington Real Estate Market Statistics for August 2020 were provided by the REALTORs Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB). In August 2020, there were a reported 1,272 sales of residential properties. Sales were reported to be down by 21.4% compared to the same time last year, and up 12.7% compared to August 2019.

Burlington Residential Table

Burlington Residential Table
Burlington Residential Table

When look at the above chart, Burlington Residential Table, we can see that there was a total of 261 sales. That’s a decrease of only 16% and there was a total of 319 new listings. The average property price for Burlington was up 13% to $865,068.

The median price of a residential property saw an increase of 16% to $794,000. The Burlington real estate market saw a total of 335 active listings, a decrease of 9% compared to the same time last year.

Average Residential Price by District

Residential Price by District

The above map, Average Price by District, illustrates each area in Burlington. Areas to note for August 2020 were 31, 34 and 35, each of these areas had the highest amount of sales. The area with the highest average property price was once again, area 38 with the average pice being $1,506,667.

Another area to more with one of the highest average sales price was area 33. The average property price in this area was $1,272,588 and the area had a total of 26 sales for the month of August. Burlington’s most sought after neighbourhood, Millcroft (area 35) saw a total of 71 sales with an average property price of $803,497.

RAHB Statistics for August 2020

August 2020 real estate statistics saw a total of 1,272 sales of residential properties. When compared to the same time last year, sales were down 21.4%, and up 12.7% compared to August 2019.

New listings in Burlington saw a 3% increase, with a total of 261 sales of residential properties. The average price of a residential property saw an increase of 13% to $856,056. With the average price of a residential property in the entire RAHB area being $694,690, which is an increase of 0.24% from last month, and up 16.3% from August 2019.

““This month’s activity was in line with what we would typically see for August; however, due to COVID-19 the trends for the year are not what we would normally experience. Over the Spring, we saw lower than normal activity, but a balance between supply and demand. Into the Summer months we saw an increase in activity where we would normally see a decrease. As we move into the Fall, we would expect a return to higher activity. With the potential for a second wave of the virus we don’t want to make any predictions, but RAHB REALTORS® will continue to find houses for buyers and buyers for sellers in a healthy and safe way.” – RAHB President Kathy Della-Nebbia.

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Catholic School Board Back To School New Normal

Halton Catholic School – Back To School

Halton Catholic School Board – Return To School Plan

As of August 12th the Halton Catholic School Board came to a decision during it’s special board meeting of the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB). Trustees received and reviewed the proposed HDSB Return to School Plan. Remember that things can change and to make sure that you’re in communication with your child’s school. Stay up to date with all back to school plans on the HCDSB website.

What Happens Next?

On July 30th the Minister of Education released its Guide to reopening schools, and have outlined plans for the return to school. “All elementary schools will re-open in September, 2020, with enhanced health & safety protocols in place. Students (Kindergarten to Grade 8) will return to conventional in-person instruction, 5 days per week school.”

When it comes to Secondary schools, “All HCDSB secondary schools will open in an adapted (hybrid) model with enhanced health and safety protocols in September, 2020. Students (Grade 9-12) will return to school in class cohorts of approximately 15 students, on alternating schedules with at least 50% of in-class instructional days.”

The Delivery Model

It was proposed that initially:

  • Each cohort of up to 15 secondary students would take 1 course at a time
  • Courses would be delivered in a combination of in-class instruction 2-3 days per week, and remote learning
  • Students would earn 1 credit every 23 days (approximately 5 weeks) 

However, based on the new information presented by the trustees a motion to direct staff to change the adapted delivery model to a ‘quadmester approach’: 

  • Students would take 2 courses at a time, and be part of 2 cohorts of up to 15 students per course
  • Courses would be delivered in a combination of in-class instruction 2-3 days per week, and remote learning
  • Students will earn 2 credits in approximately 10 weeks 

Next Steps

Staff are currently working to reconfigure the return to school plan into a quadmester model for secondary schools. A revised delivery model for secondary instruction is to be finalized and shared as soon as it is possible.

Elementary Schools

All elementary Schools will reopen in September 2020. There will be enhanced health and safety protocols in place. Students, kindergarten to grade 8, will return to in-person instruction, 5 days a week. There are multiple strategies in place for both elementary and secondary students, just as there are in the public school system.

Health and Safety Measures

  • Self screening 
  • Adapted school environments 
  • Hand hygiene 
  • Masking 
    • Students in Grade 4 to 12 will be required to wear non-medical or cloth masks while in school. 
    • Medical masks will be provided for teachers and all other school staff. 
    • ​Reasonable exceptions to the requirement will be put in place. 
  • Cohorting 
  • Distancing 
  • Limiting visitors in schools 
  • Pre-registration 

Remote Learning Options

There will be an option for remote learning. “Parents and guardians will make decisions regarding in-person attendance for their children for this school year and will have the option of remote learning if they do not wish to send their child(ren) back to school in September.”

In the next couple of weeks the HCDSB will be sending out an Intent to Return to School survey to all parents and guardians. Parents and guardians will make decisions regarding in-person attendance for their children this school year, they will have the option of remote-learning.

HCDSB Goals For September

This September will look very different than what staff, students and parents have been used to. Some of the goals that the HCDSB have as everyone transitions back to school are:

  • Ensuring protocols are in place so that students and staff are healthy and safe. 
  • Providing an enhanced online/distance learning experience for students who continue to learn from home.  
  • Assessing student learning gaps and developing plans to provide appropriate intervention, where needed. 
  • Maintaining a focus on mental health supports for students and staff returning to school and those who will  continue to learn and work from home.

For More Information

This year is going to be different, we have mentioned that a few times. You need to make sure you stay informed and do what you’re most comfortable doing. Back to school has always been an exciting and nervous time for parents and their children.

“Over the next few weeks, parents and guardians will be receiving additional details about the return to school plan and what it will look like for their child(ren) and family.” Make sure you keep you’re eyes out for any new information. You can find out more by visiting the Guide to reopening Ontario’s Schools to learn more.

Back To School Face mask and sanitizer

September 2020 – Back To School

Back To School This September 2020

It’s that time of year again, when kids are getting excited to go back to school. This year, however, will look different than what we are used to. So what will going back to school September 2020 look like? In this blog we’ll try and go over what we know as of now, please note that things can change and this only reflects the Halton Public School Boards reopening plan.

Halton District School Board

On August 13th the Minister of Education announced changes concerning the reopening of Ontario schools. Halton District School Board staff will be reviewing this new information, and will communicate that information once they know how it will impact current published reopening plans.

With this new information, you should be advised that it may change. The deadline to complete the Intent to Reopen Survey will be extended, with a revised date to be communicated to families.

Reopening Halton District Schools

The reopening schools guide for September 2020 is organized around five areas; Health and Family, Operations, Instruction, Well-Being and Technology. Let’s now go over each of these areas, we’ll identify the subcategories of each one. What that area covers and links for you to read more about them on the Halton District School Boards website.

Health and Facility

  • Student Screening and Self-Assessment
  • Preventative Measures: Hand Hygiene
  • Preventative Measures: Physical Distancing
  • Preventative Measures: Respiratory Hygiene
  • Non-Medical Masks, Cloth Masks and Face Coverings
  • Plans of Care
  • Enhanced Cleaning Protocols
  • Environmental Conditions and Air Flow
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Student Cohorts
  • Student with Possible Symptoms of COVID -19 BEFORE coming to School
  • Student with Possible Symptoms of COVID -19 at School
  • Staff Wearing Personal Protective Equipment
  • Contact Tracing and Public Health

You can learn more about each of these Health and Facility areas by seeing the Halton District School Board’s website. Next we’ll look at Operations and the effective daily operations of how a school can contribute to a safe reopening.


  • Family Responsibilities
  • Student Belongings
  • School Entry/Exit
  • Outdoor Play Structures
  • School Hours/Access and Visitors
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Student Lates/Appointments
  • Food Programs, Fundraising and Vending
  • Transportation
  • Before and After School Child Care Programs
  • School Councils and Council Elections
  • Emergency Procedures

There’s a lot to cover in each of these areas and it’s important to be informed and know that things can change. You can learn more about Operations and how you can prepare for back to school on the Halton District School Boards website. The next area that the school board has prepared for is Instruction, “This year we will apply the Ministry of Education direction to create days that maximize face-to-face instruction in the most engaging and student focussed ways possible.”


  • Intent to Return
  • Students with Special Education Needs
  • Elementary Instructional Models – September
  • Grade 1 to 8 Program Considerations
  • Kindergarten Program Considerations
  • Secondary Instructional Model – September
  • Secondary Regional Programming, CO-OP, OYAP and SHSM
  • Secondary Program Considerations
  • EQAO and Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
  • Learning Management Systems/Instructional Platforms
  • “Program Nights”, Welcome and Orientation Parent Events
  • Excursions/Day Field Trips
  • Inter-School Athletics/Co-curriculars
  • Volunteer Hour Requirement for Graduation

The well-being of students and staff are very important during this time. The school board has also covered this area in their reopening plan. “The return to school after many months off will require special time and attention from all staff to redevelop relationships and establish supportive routines for students. Students can expect full support from their teachers, Child and Youth Counsellors, Social Workers and Guidance Counsellors.”


  • Well-Being for Students
  • Professional Learning and Resources for Staff
  • Parent Resources

Finally The Halton District School Board covers the area of Technology. “To fully support students who will continue with Distance Learning we will have plans ready to supply students needing technology and connectivity across our Board.”


  • Technology Infrastructure and Tech Support
  • Devices for Students
  • Provisions for Accessible Formats
  • Internet Connectivity for Students
  • Online Platforms for Instruction with Students
  • Wellness in Remote Learning Environment
  • Acceptable use of Technology Agreements for Students and Cyber Security/Privacy
  • Technology Support for Students and Families

That covers what we know right now about the Halton District School Boards reopening plan. You can access everything for more details on their website, and you can contact your children’s school as well. We are all in this together and by working together and following the protocols, we can make this back to school time as normal as possible.

Getting Back To School

Respond. Rethink. Restart. These are the three words that have defined our work the past few months in the Halton District School Board and our actions as we reopen our schools this fall. This past March the COVID-19 pandemic thrust us all into a new societal and educational reality.” – Stuart Millar, Director of Education.

The Halton Catholic School Board has also developed a September 2020 reopening plan, and you can learn more about that in our next blog, where we will cover their plan and what to expect this fall. Look for that blog tomorrow.