Wooden terrace

Summer Backyard Designs

Summer Backyard Designs We Love

It’s warm out and all you want to do is sit in your backyard and enjoy the day. That’s why our blog is going to feature some Summer backyard designs we love. Different ways you can decorate and make your space unique.

Cottage Vibes All Day
Summer Backyard Designs Muskoka Chair
Muskoka Chair

There’s just something about Muskoka chairs that gives us all those cottage vibes. They come in a variety of colours and styles, so you are sure to find the right one.

Movie Nights Under The Stars
Outdoor Theatre
Outdoor Theatre

Summer nights spend outside watching movies with your favourite snacks and people. It couldn’t get any better than that as far as we’re concerned. You can use a clean white sheet and string to create a screen or even purchase one online. This one is sure to be a big hit with everyone.

Outdoor Rugs
Outdoor Rug
Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs can add a pop of colour to your deck or patio. You can get very creative by adding one of these large rugs. By using one of these large rugs, you’re really creating an outdoor room.

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen

Why not have a whole kitchen outside? There are endless deigns you can do for an outdoor kitchen and so many of them are beautiful. Get creative and create the most unique and beautiful space that you’ve been dreaming of.

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Housing Market Outlook

Burlington Real Estate Market Statistics for May 2020

Burlington Real Estate Market Statistics

The Burlington Real Estate Market Statistics for May 2020 have been provided by The REALTORs Association of Hamilton-Burlington. We can see when we take a look at the numbers that even though some percentages may be down when compared to the same times last year, the market still continues to be active, due to a balance of buyers and sellers.

Burlington Residential Table – May 2020
Burlington Residential Table MAY 2020
Burlington Residential Table MAY 2020

It was reported that the average price of a residential property in Burlington was up by 12% to $834,808, and the median price saw an increase of 8% to $751,000. However, listings saw a decrease of 49% with a total of 283 for May 2020. We can also see that sales were down by 48%, with a total of 189.

These decreases in overall numbers are due to the fact that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. But despite these circumstances, the real estate market continues to push forward. Because buyers still need to buy and sellers still need to sell. Even though active listings might have been down by 30% the numbers of days homes remained on the market was unchanged.

Average Residential Price by District
Average Price by District for May 2020
Average Price by District for May 2020

The above map, Average Price by District illustrates how each neighbourhood in Burlington did in terms of the average residential sale price, plus the number of homes sold at that price. Sub areas to note are; 31, 34 and 35. The area with the highest average property price was area 5 with the average pice being $1,682,500. Area 35, the neighbourhood of Millcroft had an average price of $741,531 with 65 properties sold at that price.

RAHB Statistics for May 2020

It was reported by the REALTORs Association of Hamilton-Burlington that there were 852 sales of residential properties in May 2020. It’s also important to note that sales were down 42.2% over May 2019, and up 43.4% when compared to April 2020. The average residential property was reported to be up by 10% to $655,418, and up 6.3% compared to last month. 

“New listings and sales are understandably down compared to May 2019; however, the average sale price has held fairly steady week-over-week during COVID-19 due to a balance of buyers and sellers. The province moving safely into phase one of re-opening has improved consumer confidence, leading to an increase in activity compared to April. If progress continues and the weather cooperates, we should expect higher activity in June.” – RAHB President Kathy Della-Nebbia 

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Social Distancing Home For Sale Real Sign

Real Estate is an Essential Service

Social Distancing and Real Estate

Since March we have been practicing social distancing and it has had us make some adjustments to how we operate our real estate business. Since these measures were put in place, they have caused many business to close, and because of this, many people have wondered whether or not real estate is in fact an essential service.

The truth is, REALTORs are an essential service, as it has been classified in both Canada and the U.S., some believe that it isn’t an essential service. While that might come from a good place, it just isn’t true. The consequences of closing down this type of business would be detrimental to so many and for many reasons.


It’s true that RE/MAX lobbied and continues to lobby for real estate during this time, that it is an essential service. With some agents advertising to their clients to hold off on selling, it’s important to understand that in a normal situation, waiting isn’t an option for many people.

One issue is that when someone has already sold their home and now has to look for a new one. It’s can be true that many of Canada’s housing markets were in the sellers territory earlier in the year, and with a low housing supply and a growing demand. it has motivated a lot of homeowners to list their property.

Anther issue is that, for some, it might be that they have to sell to finance the new home they’re already agreed to purchased. There might be a situation where a family is living in a precarious place, and have no choice but to sell and move. Other reasons could be that the neighbourhood has crime or there are unsafe conditions within the home, these issues along with many more, might be what forces someone to sell.

Spring 2020

It was reported recently that Canada’s unemployment rate in March 2020 reached 7.8%, that’s up from 5.6% in February 2020. Also, incomes are down, while monthly bills continue to come in.

This Spring has made it clear that the real estate market is not as busy as it would usually be. This is due to the fact that there is a global pandemic, preventing Open Houses to take place. The real estate industry has taken steps to ensure the safety of clients and REALTORs, but using virtual tours and other technologies to limit face-to-face contact.

Real estate agents have been able to adapt their business procedures to make sure they are following the guidelines set out by the government. These include digital listing presentations, virtual open houses and showings, video conferences, e-signatures and more. RE/MAX agents have been doing completely digital transactions, and clients have been open to these new ways of conducting business.

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