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Design Trends for 2019 Kitchen

Design Trends for 2019

Design trends for 2019 are here and it’s the time of year when a lot of people are starting to think about making some changes to their home. Today we’re focusing on the kitchen. Refreshing your kitchen to make it feel new again can make such a difference. Listed below are some of the popular kitchen design trends for 2019.

Matte Black Cabinetry 

This is a trend that’ll be making it’s mark in 2019. You’ll start to see this very modern twist to kitchen cabinets. And another trend that often goes along with this is eco-friendly materials.

Modern kitchen
Modern kitchen
Concealed Vent

What a great way to achieve a seamless look with your vent. This works with traditional and modern kitchens. 

Wood & White 

There’s defiantly something great about clean white or wood cabinetry, it can really open up your kitchen. And it goes so well with natural wood accents. This looks great in smaller kitchens but can also look fantastic in any size kitchen. 

Wood and White Kitchen
Wood and White Kitchen
Industrial Countertops 

It seems that 2019 will be there year for industrial countertops and we can see why. They change the look of your kitchen almost instantly. And you’re able to use a number of different materials to achieve this look. 

Handmade Tiles

Having a unique look to any room in your home is wonderful and can really show your personality. Try handmade or organic tiles, you’ll have something that no one else will. 

Use of Wood 

Wood panels, or countertops or floors can create a very warm look. Whether you choose to use a lot or a little, you’ll be making a statement, creating a unique and warm space.

Bright wooden kitchen
Bright wooden kitchen
Digital Technology 

In the 21 century we have a seen a lot of advancement when it comes to technology and those advancements just keep coming. And our kitchen appliances are catching up. You can now get almost anything to target your needs. Some examples are, wifi-enabled espresso machines, wine fridges that dispense wine, the possibilities are truly endless. 

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