Popular Spring Paint Colours For 2019

Spring Paint Colours 

This is the time of year when a lot of people are wanting to make a change and refresh their homes. Whether that’s with a fresh coat of paint, some nice new furniture and the list goes on. 

Today we’ll go over some of the popular spring colours for 2019. These are just the top colours that designers have chosen, but you can always be as creative as you like. Because we all have our own style. 

However, when you’re preparing to sell your home, it’s good to stick to some of the colours on this list. Or to make sure your home has very neutral wall colours, making your home fresh and bright. 

Spring Colours For Your Home 


A warm and inviting shade for your walls that also goes very well with almost everything. This is  a neutral colour that gives your walls a refresh and a modern feel. 

Lilac Grey 

Such a classic colour and so perfect for spring. The Lilac Grey is a warmer and an alternative to grey. You’re adding a little extra touch and keeping it classic with this gorgeous mix of lilac and grey.

Wooden Shades

Earthly shades are very popular for spring 2019. Mushroom greys and fern inspired colours. These colours are suppose to give your room a naturalist feel. 

Hunter Green 

This colour is intrinsic in nature and brings us back to that naturalist feel. It’s more bold than the other colours, so you want to make sure that you have just the right room that will showcase this colour at it’s best. Hunter green is also timeless and can work seamlessly with right furniture.

Pale Pink 

Pale Pink is compatible with many other colours make it very versatile. Get creative and mix different accent colours with pictures and pillows. Consider shades of grey, they goes nicely with pale pinks along with yellows and white.


Another alternative to white walls is pewter. This is a great neutral colour that will brighten up any room. With a mix of grey and beige, it’ll go nicely in almost every room in your home.

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