Canadian farmland values reach record levels in 2013 as demand outpaces supply in most markets

Lower commodity prices are expected to temper appreciation in coming months. The RE/MAX Market Trends Report: Farm Edition 2013, looking at the trends and developments in 17 rural communities throughout Canada, has found that limited inventory levels–reported in virtually all agricultural centres–continued to contribute to strong upward pressure on the price per acre in 88 per cent (15/17) of markets examined.

“Whether it’s owning, renting, investing, or securing farmland for residential purposes, it’s clear the market for Canadian farmland remains strong from many angles,” says Sandhu. “Regardless of purpose, motivation remains the single greatest common thread. The desire to bury money in the ground is clearly evident. The long-term confidence in the performance of Canadian farmland–from both an investment and agricultural perspective remains strong.”

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