Christmas Traditions

The Importance of Tradition

Christmas time brings to mind all the comforts of a home – friends, family, love, tradition

Christmas Holiday Traditions
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What is it about traditions and especially those associated with a holiday that make them so important to us? Family traditions provide great value, and the value lasts far beyond the moment. The value of a tradition isn’t in completing the ritual; the value comes from what it provides for those who participate.

First of all, traditions provide stability. Activities that are observed year in and year out become a means by which family members can build trust and security. Regardless of what else may happen, the traditions will not change. So much in our lives these days is temporary. Family traditions provide something for every person to hold on to and to rely upon.

Secondly, traditions give us a sense of identity. They are one of the things that make us unique to other families. Although our Christmas traditions may have some commonality with other families, each household still has their own way of experiencing those traditions. That is what is so special about them. Each family’s unique twist is what gives that family its identity and helps the members bond with one another. Ethnic foods, decorations, special activities, all help families become distinctive.

Third, traditions are important because they provide continuity between generations. It can be difficult to keep up with extended family members these days, and of course it is impossible to touch those who are long gone. But traditions create a bridge between the young and the old, between the past and the present.

Traditions are obviously good for families. We can build memories and share stories so that we draw near to one another. Traditions are a building block of what makes a house a home. Through creating and maintaining family traditions, we can offer stability, identity and continuity to our loved ones. We can look to the past and not be afraid of remembering those who are no longer with us. We can enjoy the present, knowing that we are building strong families – and we can look forward to the future, when our children will sit by the fire in their homes and tell stories of their Christmas traditions.

This holiday season, create some new traditions with friends and family – and enjoy everything this season has to offer.

From Team VanDinther – Burlington Real Estate to your Family – We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and all the Best for the Year to Come!