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How to furnish long narrow living room

So you bought a townhome or a condo and it’s kinda narrow but longer, with high ceilings. Now you got this narrow living room, and furnishing this narrow space can be a little tricky. But it can be done! So here are some tips on how to do it “properly”.


Think about what activities you’re going to be doing on a regular basis in this space. That will help you figure out how much furniture you need. Ask yourself…
Do I want a TV spot? gaming system?
Do I need a certain number of seats?
Do I need a big table? or would something smaller be ok?
Do I need a little area where I can be secluded? etc.


All this helps you figure out how much furniture you’ll need and how you’re going to divide up the room. Think thin! It would help a lot if you measure your room dimensions, and then use a paper to initially test out some ideas and layout options given your dimensions.

Now when it comes to picking the right type of furniture , it’s really easy, just choose slim, non-fussy, more compact furniture and you’ll be fine.

Arranging furniture can be lots of fun. Basically start by marking a pass through corridor. This is a path through the living room where people can walk all the way to the end and back. This space should never be blocked to allow easy movement.

Then you would arrange the furniture in such way that is meets the criteria above, don’t block the main corridor, and make sure each space is optimally used. It’s a bit like playing a game of Tetris.

Of course you will find yourself making a few adjustments here and there, as you go along. You might even decide to ditch a certain piece of furniture, to open more space.
The illusion of open space is really important in a narrow living room. You don’t want it to feel too cluttered.

For example, say your living room needs to have 5 seats, a lamp for reading, a TV area. It also needs to have a table, a nice plants, and maybe a smaller side table that would be used for random things like books, keys, wallet, hats, etc.. How would you fit all this in if you room was say 10′-8″ x 14′-0″ dimensions.

Let’s see..


Here is an example of how one could arrange the furniture and still have plenty of pass through space (yellow lines), but yet have everything you need from your living room.


We have enough seats (5). Our corner, where the potted plant is, can also be used during Christmas to put up the tree there. As you can also see, the coffee table isn’t too big but yet big enough to be reached by everyone sitting. The TV is out of the way, yet visible by all, sitting on it’s bench that is low profile and not too bulky. This is just one variance of how you could do it. Note: If you wanted to control the flow to always comes from the left side, then you can move the arm chair closer to the sofa and close that gap.

Remember to just identify what you need out of the room, and then make sure when you arrange the furniture that you aren’t blocking the main passage. Don’t clutter.

Have fun!