Maintaning Your Home

Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Home renovations are a great first step when preparing for your home to be listed. Home renovations can include anything from simple and easy improvements to full on more expensive details. Today we want to talk about things you can do yourself and it’ll help improve your ROI.

If you have lived in your home for a long time, it might be hard to see what really needs to be done. There might be a wall colour that you’re so used to that you might not realize that it needs an refreshment, a fresh coat of paint. That’s really how simple these home improvements can be. Today we’ll talk about paint, doors and hardware and countertops.

Painting Your House

It’s time to pick out some paint colours and get creative. If you’re considering painting the outside of your home, it would be best to consult a professional, as it can be dangerous, leave that to the pros. For the inside of your home, you can use a professional or do it yourself. All you need to do is pick out some colours and choose the rooms that need to have a refresh.

Painting can really go a long way and it’s not the most complicated ways to improve a room. When you’re putting your home on the market, try hiring a professional to come and do the job for you. They can often help you select the palette and they can seal trim and repair minor damage. It might not be the most glamorous renovation but it will help the room feel like new again. Now let’s talk about door and hardware.

Doors and Hardware

When it comes to investing in new interior doors and hardware and replacing the front door, you will see an improvement. I mean, how could you not? The doors and hardware can be updated to something more modern if you’re living in an older home. The new hardware doesn’t have to just apply to door, it can also apply to kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets too.

If you have the budget for it, take an inventory of all the hardware around your home and see what can be updated. Also consider adding a nice quality lockset, baseboards, crown moulding and wainscoting. They’re all good examples of inexpensive improvements that can offer immediate appeal to your home, inside and out. Lastly, we’ll discuss countertops and see what can be done.


Sometimes all it can take in a kitchen is some new countertops to give the room life again. Consider a quality stone such as granite or quartz. There are also less inexpensive countertop solutions that you can find at your local hardware store, such as Home Depot, and they have professionals that will make you have it installed the right way. There are so many choices and so many ways to add little improvements to your home and get it ready to be listed.

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Time For Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring Cleaning Time

Spring Cleaning

It’s time for spring cleaning. And this is the best time to start, let’s take this time to clean and organize our homes. There’s so much you can do to make you’re home feel fresh and bright. And that’s such a wonderful feeling.

Time To De-Clutter

Spring cleaning often means that it’s time to de-clutter and by doing this, organize our homes. This is our chance to go through drawers, closets and cupboards. We can go through all our clothes and pick out the ones we no longer wear and donate them if we can. Now it’s time to dust the house, wipe down counters, vacuum and get your house to shine.

Walls and Windows

This is a good time to wash your walls. How often do we actually wipe down our walls and baseboards? Take some soapy warm water and give them a good wipe down. Not all dust settles on the floor and other surfaces. So it doesn’t hurt to take a cloth and wipe down your walls.

Windows always need a good scrub and if you haven’t during your last big house clean, do them next time. You should also consider removing screens and rinsing them off, if the weather is warm and you’re able to do this safely.

The Kitchen and Bathrooms

This is a big job depending on how many bathrooms you have. Let’s start with the kitchen. Deep cleaning your kitchen by wiping down cabinets and countertops. Then go through your pantry and fridge, removing old items and if you can wipe down the inside of the cabinets. And same goes for the fridge, take everything out, wipe down the shelves and throw out old items.

Your bathrooms needs some love as well. Let’s start by wiping down cupboards and countertops, just like we did in the kitchen. Remove everything and wipe out the cupboards and throw away old items. Next scrub that tub and/or shower. We really want to make your bathrooms shine, so let’s pay attention to detail.

If possible, take down the shower curtain and throw it in the washing machine. If it’s a shower curtain that can’t be washed, consider buying a new one. Finally, let’s go through all your makeup and toss expired items and items that you don’t use, we want to de-clutter.

The Living Room

When it comes to the living room you want to make sure that you wipe down all the surfaces, shelves, tables and don’t forget about behind your TV. Then vacuum everywhere, carpets and hardwood floors. De-clutter as much as you can, we’ve mentioned de-cluttering a lot in this blog. And that’s because when we live in a space for a long time, we tend to accumulate a lot of things.

It Feels Good To Clean

Keeping busy is good and helps to keep our minds busy. We can clean and make our home fresh and clean and that’s a good feeling. Let’s get organized and enjoy that sense of accomplishment that having a clean home. Start by making a list and going room by room of what you really want to get done.

Contact Lori VanDinther if you’re considering putting your home on the market or if you’ve been thinking about moving and want to learn more. There’s no better time then right now, happy cleaning.

Autumnal Landscape

Getting Your Home Ready For Fall

Fall 2019 Has Arrived

Getting your home ready for fall is important. It’s time to talk about fall maintenance. There can be a lot to consider, such as maintenance and cleaning both inside and outside of your home. And it’s important to do every year in preparation for fall and winter. Let’s get ready for fall.

Cut The Lawn

This one is simple and you’ll probably have to cut your lawn many times throughout the fall. You want to make sure that you’re ready for the leaves. Keeping your lawn cut and clean of leaves will make sure that when the snow comes you won’t be rushing to get the leaves cleared. Let’s now go inside your home and clean that oven.

Clean Your Oven

This should be done at least once a year and fall is a good time as any. People talk about spring cleaning all the time, let’s also talk about fall cleaning. The winter and fall bring lots of holidays, so having your oven clean means you’ll be ready to cook lots of wonderful meals. And it might also be time to have your fireplace professionally cleaned so you’re ready for those cozy nights.

Get Your Fireplace Ready For Fall

If you have a fireplace you know the importance of making sure its in working order and that means cleaning. You can hire a professional to come and make sure that if there is any maintenance to be done. Then you can have lots of nights by the fire all fall and winter, worry free. Something else to consider getting cleaned would be your Eavestroughs. Though you might want to wait until after all the leaves have fallen.

Clearing Your Eavestroughs

This is good to do during the fall, after the fall and mid fall. You should never neglect your Eavestroughs. Because regular maintenance is important. You don’t want to have a situation where you’re troughs are badly clogged. There are many professionals that will be able to provide this service if you’re not experienced in this area. And now you’re ready for fall. And if you’re thinking it might be time to sell your home, contact me today.

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